I worked as a UX designer at Didi Chuxing - one of the world's largest ride-sharing companies. The team I worked on was Guyu - a SaaS platform for driver management. My tasks were researching the product performance and redesigning the user onboarding experience to solve existing problems that could enhance user satisfaction for future user growth.





I conducted NPS research by myself and collaborated with the PM, designers and engineers on onboarding experience redesign and design guideline website. Both of them were shipped - increased 45% working efficiency for users and earned a high recommendation from peers in product development team 🎉


Understand the context

The product I worked on is building a SaaS platform for drivers management which is built for the enterprise. The users consist of manager inside of rental companies and drivers hired by those companies. 

At the time I joined the team, the product was at its 2nd version and prepared to go into iteration design of version 3.0.

NPS Research

NPS= 27.5%

The first task I was assigned is to acquire NPS score (Net Promoter Score) of Guyu 2.0 which is a key metric to evaluate the product and plan for the future for executives.

Question 1: “How likely is it that you would recommend this product                      to a friend or colleague?”

                    Customers rate their answers on a scale from 0 to 10.

Question 2: What is one thing we could do differently to improve                         your experience?

                    Open-ended question.

Transfer Research Data into Actionable Insights

I organize and summarize all the answers by 2 categories: 

  1. To be improved

  2. To be added

And list them from high to low frequency to learn the priority, which indicates the onboarding process is the most frustrating stage for users.

Usability Test

To better understand the existing pain points of onboarding process, I set up several rounds of usability tests for drivers and contextual inquiry for stakeholders. According to the use case and scenarios, I mapped out their user journey and personas to help the team have a clearer view of the next iteration.

Insight 1: New Policy Caused Ride-sharing Business Changed

Insight 2: High Efficiency Means More Market Shares

Rental companies competing with each other to recruit as many drivers as they can to increase the market share. So they really value the time spending on this product.

Guyu Onboarding Flow Redesign

1. Optimize Onboarding User Flow

2. Separate Long Procedure by Business Types

With the current version, users work efficiently on the content rather than discriminating which questions they need to answer or not. 

If needed, after finishing one business type, they could click and go to another session.

Product Design Guideline Website

I also assisted my lead to create the design guideline website for Guyu which presents a unified design principle of the current product.

Define the interaction rules based on 2.0 products into design guideline to better organize and demonstrate future design work for the whole product team.

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