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Canada Visa Application Process

Conceptual Map and Conceptual Model


During 2018 summer, as a student volunteer for SIGGRAPH2018 conferenceI need to apply a VISA for attending the conference located in Vancouver. Visa application is a time-consuming experience. The whole experience lasts for 6 weeks.


It was my first time to apply for a visa out of my hometown Beijing, China and my friends around me are visa-exempt. I had no one to ask about their previous applying experience. It was a total lonely application experience for myself.


After I receiving visiting visa from Visa Application Center, I was planning to spend some time to share my application experience and tips for people who would need in the future. This is also a great opportunity for me to apply what I learned about design into real life.


Hope what I did in this work could help the people who need to deal with the same problem in the community. They don't need to struggle with unorganized information and schedule chaos anymore.

Conceptual Map副本.png
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